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Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover – Nurse In Style and Comfort

From my experience, nursing by request is the key to help the baby grow healthy and happily. And nursing in public can be stress free with good quality nursing covers such as Bebe au Lait cover.

I love both the improved design and sophisticated patterns of Bebe au Lait nursing cover. It features the rigid neckline, which helps to hold the cover in place and makes it so easy to view the baby, while being securely enclosed. Moreover, the rigid neck allows optimal ventilation for the baby.

The d-ring neck strap is adjustable, but you only need to adjust it once. Done!

This nursing cover also has an internal terrycloth pocket. It is very convenient for cleanups and putting away pacifiers and pads. You can keep all you need and the mess as well inside the cover.

Nursing cover Bebe au Lait is made of 100% breathable cotton, soft and comfortable. It is generously sized (26”x36”) to ensure full coverage and no destruction for the baby. It comes in 30 sophisticated and gorgeous patterns to help any mother nurse in style.

Moreover, this nursing cover is definitely multipurpose. It can be used as a changing mat, sunshade and light blanket for the baby. It is machine washable and can be easily rolled to take anywhere.

Thanks to all these features, Bebe au Lait nursing cover received the 2011 Creative Child Magazine Top Choice Award and has become very popular among new moms.

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ERGO Baby Carrier Reviews – How to Choose the Right One

The benefits of baby carriers are numerous and hard to overemphasise. There are many different designs and styles, and it is important to find the baby carrier, which would perfectly match your needs as well as the age and temperament of the baby. Below I describe all the innovative designs of ERGO Baby Carriers for the comparison purposes.

ERGO Baby CarrierERGO Baby Carriers:

All ERGO baby carriers are the new and improved generation with chest straps permanently attached to the shoulder straps. As a result, the chest strap are kept in it’s desired location, so the carrier won’t need readjusting each time the carrier is taken on and off. They distribute the weight of the child over the shoulders and hips. You can carry your child in the front, hip and back positions in ERGO baby carriers.

Best uses: They are suitable for children from newborns to 45 lbs. However, you need to use an Ergo infant insert, which is sold separately for the newborns. As a result, a single ERGO baby carrier (with the Ergo infant insert) is all you need. I especially like to use it as a backpack for my little one. I found it to be easier than the wrap for this position. And I love my Ergo baby carrier backpack. Below are the different types, which you can choose from.

Ergo Baby Sport Carrier

This design provides the ultimate support for the baby and comfort for the adult. It has a wider waist band and is very lightweight and breathable. It includes an opening in the back below the hood pocket for extra cooling. The fabric provides a slight wicking feature to help keep parents and baby cooler. As a result, my son and I were quite comfortable when hiking during the hot summer days as well as country skiing during winter. Ergobaby Sport – the name tells for itself.

ERGO Baby CarrierErgo Baby Performance Carrier

The Ergo Baby Performance carriers feature a high-performance Ripstop water-repellant polyester exterior, ideal for outdoor activities in all climates; a cotton moisture wicking knit lining, keeping babies and parents cooler and more comfortable. This design is 1/3 lighter than the standard Ergo Baby Carriers. Also, the waist extends 5” longer than the standard design.

Ergo Baby Carrier Organic

The carrier has a 100% organic cotton body and lining and is GOTS certified. You can wear it without the Ergo infant insert from head control and 15 lbs.

Ergo Infant Carrier

You can use any of the Ergo Baby Carrier to carry infants with the additional Ergo infant insert. This insert adds cushions at the back and bottom. This provides support to the natural curve of a baby’s spine, which is a definite improvement that encourages healthy hip and leg position. The Ergo infant insert should be used from newborn to 4-5 months with the Ergo Baby Carrier. It is made of 100% cotton poplin fabric. Organic version is also available.

You can purchase both of these carriers here: Ergo Baby Carriers. It is a popular on-line store, which is a 100% secure site secured by, so you can be sure that your details are protected when ordering.

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Ergo Baby Carriers – Comfort for Baby and You

We bought one of Ergo Baby Carriers when our son was around one and a half. He was getting heavier and also did not like to face me when carried in his wrap. He wanted to face the world and we decided to try to carry him in a backpack carrier.

I have read many Ergo baby carrier reviews and stopped on Ergobaby Sport carrier, since it has an additional support at the waist, since the waist belt extends an extra 5″ further than the standard Ergo Baby Carrier for a maximum of a 51.8″ circumference. In addition, this design includes an opening in the back below the hood pocket for extra cooling. The fabric provides a slight wicking feature to help keep parents and baby cooler.

We were extremely happy with our new Ergo baby carrier backpack. Here are some reasons why I found it very useful:

  • I can hardly feel the weight of my son when carrying him at the back. I never felt any back strain or had any problems carrying him for long time.
  • I can easily go hiking on the trails where I cannot take my stroller.
  • I can even go cross country skiing with the baby in the Ergo baby carrier.
  • I can go for walks in the winter time when there is too much snow for the stroller.
  • It is highly adjustable with clips at the waist and shoulders. During cold months when both my son and I had to wear a jackets outdoors, I had no problems adjusting my Ergo Baby carrier outside and then adjusting the straps back if I wanted to carry him indoors too.

The sleeping hood is quite handy when the baby falls asleep. You need some practice to get it out and support the baby’s head, but once you get the feel of how to do it, it works great.

You should note however, that the Ergo Baby Sport carrier is made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. The fabric is really lightweight and breathable.

However, if you prefer a 100% cotton, then you should consider Ergo Baby carrier Galaxy Grey. This unique design features an exterior of silver embroidered stars on a grey background, which is very pretty. The lining of this popular design displays cosmic swirls on a silver background.

You can purchase both of these carriers here: Ergo Baby Carriers. It is a popular on-line store, which is a 100% secure site secured by, so you can be sure that your details are protected when ordering.

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Why Natural Baby Care?

I probably first started thinking about natural baby care after reading Jean Liedloff’s The Continuum Concept: In Search of Happiness Lost. It is a famous book, in which Ladloff tells about her experience while living in the jungle in the Indian tribes. She observed how happy and well behaved children and adults are in the tribes; and learned how parenting and baby care can influence person’s self esteem, confidence, behavior in the future and the level of happiness and satisfaction in life.

Although Continuum Concept might not be easy to read, since it does discuss serious issues in a slightly scientific language, and can hurt your feelings, I recommend it to everybody, whether it to everybody, whether a parent or not. And the most important message that I got from Continuum Concept was the importance of intuitive parenting. This concept might seem simple to one and confusing to another parent, but it is probably the most universal and fruitful baby carrying method around.

Jean Liedloff explains that natural parenting and natural baby care have a tremendous impact on the well being of the person. They have a great impact on the child’s health, but the impact on the child’s happiness, self esteem, and self satisfaction, ability to resolve problems and create good relationships during childhood and adulthood.

So, carrying your baby in a baby sling or breastfeeding, you are not just meeting immediate needs of your baby, but are also working for the future well being and happiness of your child.

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Taking Care of Wool Diaper Covers Is Super Easy

Wool diaper covers only need to be washed once or twice a week. Taking care and relanolizing wool diaper covers is super easy. It is best to soak them in lukewarm water for 15 minutes or so and then hand wash with wool shampoo, which contains lanoline, such as Imse Vimse Wool Shampoo. After this squeeze the excess water and roll in dry towel and then lay flat to dry.

If you are using Imse Vimse wool shampoo, you will need ½ to 1 tea spoon for hand washable items. This wool shampoo is biodegradable and made from plant-based cocoa and palm oil lanoline and water. It does not contain any perfume or preservative. Imse Vimse wool shampoo can also be used to wash sheepskin and other wool products.

Alternately, you can wash them with any soft soap, such as olive oil soap. You would need to then lanolize the wool cover one a month or so with concentrated lanoline. To do this, simply dissolve 1 tbsp of concentrated lanoline in lukewarm water soak and wash the wool covers as described above.

You can purchase Imse Vimse wool shampoo here: wool shampoo. This is a popular on-line store, which is a 100% secure site secured by Thawte, so you can be sure that your details are protected when ordering.

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Wool Diaper Covers – Those Who Try Never Go Back

Wool Diaper Covers
Wool diaper covers

Wool has incredible properties, which make it a perfect material for baby clothes, blankets, and diaper covers. This is why I was so happy to find wool diaper covers by Little Beetle, which make cloth diapering so much easier.

Little Beetle wood diaper cover is made from fashion grade organic merino wool jersey. Wool’s unique breathability, antibacterial properties and the ability to hold moisture make wool covers truly unbeatable in terms of convenience and comfort. Moreover, properly lanolized wool covers are basically self cleaning, since the urine reacts with the lanolin to form soap. And they do not smell.  Therefore, wool covers do not need to be washed every time they get wet. They can simply be aired until dry, while another cover is used. This way, you only need to wash your wool cover every week or two. Taking care of wool covers is super easy, for more detail, see:

Wool covers are soft and pretty. Also, unlike cotton and many other materials wool continues to be a great insulator and keeps the baby warm. At the same time wool is breathable and does not let the baby get overheated during the hot weather as other diaper covers might.

Little Beetle wool diaper covers can be worn alone or under pants. They work great with OsoCozy Fitted diapers or any similar trim low rise diaper. They can certainly be used with prefold diapers. They come in four sizes (from infant to toddeler).

However, they might not fit higher rise diapers or bulkier prefolds. In this case I recommend Little-to-Big Organic wool covers. They are actually one-size-fit-all. Therefore, they work nicely with larger cloth diapers. Little-to-Big wool covers are a little bit more expensive but they grow with your baby thanks to the snaps or Aplix (hook and loop) closures. You can choose the style you prefer. So the same wool cover will last you until the baby is potty trained, which is great for your pocket and the environment as well.

Little Beetle wool covers are only available in natural untreated wool. Little-to-Big wool diaper covers come in three colors: in Natural, Orange, Blue and Green. All these wool covers are made in US from the finest fair trade organic materials and by people earning living wages or better.

Usually those who start using wool covers never come back. They really make parents’ lives easier and worry free.

You can purchase Little-to-Big and Little Beetle wool covers here: wool diaper cover. This is a popular on-line store, which is a 100% secure site secured by Thawte, so you can be sure that your details are protected when ordering.

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Super Baby Food Book – Tons of Information for Parents

This book is a must-have for any mother, in my opinion. Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron has so much information, tips, guidelines, recipes and great advice on virtually any aspect on being around a baby; that any mother will find something useful there.

The author tells about her super food diet, which she invented for her three sons, two of whom are twins and were born prematurely. With the goal to provide their sons the healthiest food, she developed a great diet, which I agree is super and helps your baby grow healthy.

Super Baby Food contains the recommendations on how to feed your baby: when to introduce certain veggies, nuts, legumes and so on; how much protein, fat or iron your baby needs; how many servings of certain food groups and so on. But more importantly, Ruth helps to incorporate all these advices into everyday practices. She provides detailed recipes, guidelines on how to prepare nutritious baby food with the least amount of time and money.

Ruth Yaron’s super baby food diet is mainly vegetarian. Therefore, she has many advices and tips for those parents with vegetarian babies. The book has general information on the benefits of being vegetarians, pediatricians’ opinion about vegetarian diet for kids and many advices on how to ensure you baby stays healthy and grows well.

In addition, Super Baby Food contains lots of great recipes for babies, toddler and the whole family. The recipes use wholesome food: whole grain whole wheat flour, honey and maple syrup instead of sugar, real cheese, fruits and veggies. In addition, most of the recipes are really easy to make, are kids friendly and fun to make and eat. Also, the author gives detailed instructions on how to make meals in butches, freeze and thus manage your time better.

Moreover, the book also contains extensive explanation on good nutrition: the benefits of eating whole grains, the outcomes of eating sugar, combination of food, and nutritious tables. I have learned a great deal about proper nutrition, and use this knowledge to feed my whole family, not just the baby.

Last but not least, Ruth Yaron included tons on instructions on how to have fun with kids, make your own decorations for parties, toys, gifts and green cleaning agents. She has many tips on cleaning the house, saving energy and money, as well as your sanity, while raising children.

You can purchase this book here: Super Baby Food. They are a 100% secure site secured by McAfee, so you can be sure that your personal information is protected when ordering.

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Diaper Free Babies in Baby Carriers

Babywearing and elimination communication are the two practices of affectionate parenting. But how do they work together? Meaning, is it safe to wearing a diaper free baby in your wrap or sling? You bet! These two techniques complement each other perfectly.

When I was putting my newborn in my moby wraps (I had two of them, so much I loved them) for the first time he was wearing a disposable diaper. Well, first time is the hardest and I was nervous and new to tying the wrap. Next time, however, I did not want a disposable in between us. I was still a little worried to get all wet even though it was summer time. So I used a prefold diaper as a safety feature.

But of course, my baby was sleeping and stayed dry all the time he was in the wrap. I learned in a couple of days that my newborn was falling asleep almost right away in the wrap. He usually slept for 30-40 minutes and would start waking and fussing. This was when I would nurse him and hold above the container. As a result, I even stopped using foldable diapers when he was in his moby wrap.

My son did not get my wrap and me wet even once! But this is just natural. The babies have a similar instinct the birds and animals have not to poop in their nests. Similarly, babies do not want to pee when all bundled up. They show signs that the time has come for elimination by fussing, changing behavior or something like that. If the parent understands the clues and provides the opportunity by holding him or her above a basin or just even taking the diaper or pants off, then the baby continues to communicate about elimination. This is what elimination communication is all about.

The problem with that was that I had to be prepared to take my son out of the wrap the moment he started fussing to give him the opportunity. So whenever I was hiking or just enjoying a walk with my baby in his wrap and with some friends and the little guy would start fussing, my friends would get all worried that it was time to go back home. I however, would stop, take the baby out and hold him above the side of the road. To my friends’ surprise he would start peeing right away and would gladly return to the wrap and fall asleep again every time.

When the cold weather started, however, I could no longer take the baby from the warmth of his wrap and undress him. So I relied on disposable diapers many times. However, a single disposable would last for at least a week since it would remain dry most of the times. I usually took my son outside after he peed. Secondly, he would object going to the wrap if he had to pee shortly. If I was patient enough and the time permitted I would wait for him to go and then dress him up for the outdoors.

Surely, every baby is different and you must adjust to the personality of your little one. But after some time it is quite easy to learn the patterns and adjust to the needs of your baby. At first it is okay to use cloth diapers as a backup or even disposable diapers during cold weather.

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FuzziBunz One Size Diaper – Bright and Neat

FuzziBunz has developed an improved one size pocket diaper, which they call FuzziBunz One Size Elite. I have the original ones and am pretty happy with those.

I actually got the Fuzzi Bunz one size cloth diapers second hand from a friend and was a little suspicious about them. I was taken aback by the fact that they were not cotton. The two Minky inserts are made of four layers of special poly/rayon blend. Although it is not cotton, the more natural material I am more used to, these inserts are really soft and absorb really well.

But I gave them a try and it turned out really well. My son never had any diaper rush wearing these and never seemed to be uncomfortable. On the contrary, with this quick dry fleece material my son was not even complaining of being wet right away. I usually practice elimination communication and take him to the washroom when I notice that he has to go. But when I have people around and have to serve, entertain and be a nice hostess, I prefer to keep him in a cloth diaper to prevent any accidents near the nice dresses and pants. And when I first put Fuzzi Bunz diaper on my little guy, I waited for quite a long time before wondering how come he has not peed for so long. When checking, I was not even sure whether it was wet. I learned that the baby does feel dryer in these ones. Next time I knew better how to check and how to read my son’s body language.

Also, the fleece and Minky inserts wear better without staining, pilling and less odor. Since the inserts have a good absorbency, I only used one insert during the day and two during the night.
These cloth pocket diapers can fit from birth to potty training, which is really convenient. All you have to do is deal with the buttons and snaps which allow you to adjust the size of the leg casings and the waist. However, I found myself using it less during the day once my son started walking. But he was very mobile, it just might be our personal preferences. But I used it during the nights no problem.

FuzziBunz offers quite a selection of pretty colors for their cloth diapers if you like to brighten your day. Even better, they have FuzziBunz Diaper Talk Elite One Size Diapers for a limited time with fun designs. You can chose from:

  • Cloth is Cool
  • Peace Begins with Me
  • My Little Cupcake
  • Does this Diaper Make My Butt Look Big?

This is it for my FuzziBunz reviews. You can purchase these pocket diapers here: Fuzzi Bunz one size. They are a 100% secure site secured by Thawte, so you can be sure that your personal information is protected when ordering. Or if you prefer a more natural cotton feel then check my other reviews.

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OsoCozy Prefold Diapers – Affordable & Convenient

When I first saw prefolds on-line I was very skeptic but still ordered them to try. I loved them later on. Prefold diapers offer some great benefits make them really popular. Cotton diapers like OsoCozy prefolds are super soft and absorbent, dry quicker and cost much less than any other types of washable diapers.

OsoCozy prefolds or Indian cotton prefold diapers are made of 100% cotton. OsoCozy prefolds are the highest quality and best selling prefolds sold on the internet. You can pick from unbleached and bleached prefolds, but the first ones are preferred almost 4 times more often by internet buyers. The main reasons for this are as follows:

  • Bleaching process releases pollutants into environment
  • Bleached fabric retains some chlorine, which is undesirable for the babies
  • Unbleached diapers retain much of their natural cotton oils in the fiber matrix and thus are softer and more durable than bleached cloth diapers.

I loved prefold first of all because they are all cotton and 100% breathable. But I preferred to use prefold diapers without any covers during the especially hot summer day to prevent overheating. Indian prefolds are so absorbent that I did not have any problems with my infant. I could easily see when the baby peed and would change the prefold right away. This way the baby did not stay wet at all. And since infants pee frequently but relatively little, the prefolds were keeping me and everything around dry. When I did not want to use the waterproof covers, I just secured the prefold with the bodysuit or diapers fasteners.

Also, I liked that Indian prefolds dry much faster than other types of cloth diapers. I used my cloth line to dry all the baby clothes and diapers. And during those first months with baby, when cloth diapers were getting wet so frequently, when running out of the dry diapers, I was so happy to see dry prefolds on my cloth line, when all the other stuff was still wet.

Moreover, the price of prefolds is just unbeatable. Cotton diapers are easy and convenient if you have a good supply. Then you do not have to worry about washing them every day, panic if you run out of dry ones. With enough diapers you can afford to do the laundry every 2 to 8 days depending on how many dozens you have.

OsoCozy profolds are sold by dozens, and you can choose the thickness. There are three layering numbers, 4x8x4 or 4x6x4, describe the thickness of the profold diapers. The 4x8x4 one has more layers and thus has a better absorbency. However, they dry a little longer and a little bulkier. So it is up to you what is more important for you.

You can purchase OsoCozy prefold here: OzoCozy prefolds. It is a popular on-line store, which is a 100% secure site secured by Thawte, so you can be sure that your details are protected when ordering.

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